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Breeding premium registered spotted drafts and percherons


Welcome to the Warkentin Equine Ranch homepage. On this site you will find information on our Mares , Stallions , and Colts . Please see the Sales page on how to make one of our horses your own. For a look at what our colts turn out like, check out the Testimonials page. We are a multi-generational ranch specializing in reasonably priced, good quality stock! Our breeding program is focused on producing attractive, well mannered registered Spotted Drafts and Percherons.


Fundamentals in our horses we strive for are bone structure, conformation, beauty, and disposition. Bands of horses are formed based on the mare's breed, size and age. We have Belgians and Percheron mares. A majority of our mares are registered and we have always strived to keep replacements with good dispositions and sound conformation. Visitors to our ranch usually comment on how quiet our horses and foals are. We believe this is an indication of the amount of time spent handling them and the amount of care we give them.

Our breeding program is focused on producing spotted draft and Percheron foals. These foals can go on to become fancy driving teams. Since the foundation of our program 20 years ago, the quality of our herd has improved every year. Our foals and horses have gone on to make many accomplishments and so, we try to keep track of as many as possible. We are also very proud to say that our biggest goal is to find permanent homes for all of our babies. Our ranch offers great foals at very reasonable prices, which allows us to sell most of our foals every year.


All of our horses receive annual vaccinations for sleeping sickness, tetnus and West Nile virus. They are all dewormed twice a year, deliced in the spring, and have regular farrier work done. Also, their teeth are checked to see if dental work is required and they are groomed on a regualar basis. The horses are fed minerals and salt all year round as well as molasses for a treat. A vet does a routine examination of the horses and our facilities two times per year. Along with our commitment to nutrition, this program enables us to offer all prospective buyers a healthy, well-started candidate for the future.





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Bryant's Colonel - premium spotted draft stallion
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D Ran Thunder Konrad - son of Sterling Thunderstick.
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MC Ace Alex from Pine Acres Farm at Belle Centre, OH
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